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The HAT Ranch describes not only a place, but also a healing vision, the vision of Dr Diane Bryan, PhD, a licensed and gifted clinical psychologist whose work in the mental health field is well documented and well respected. She is an accomplished and proven psycho therapist and teacher. Her vision for The HAT Ranch is to provide various therapies for psychological healing in a safe, nurturing environment. To that end she has designed a place, a healing center, and a program for Holistic and Spiritual healing and growth. This center will have a number of components, one of which uses companion animals, especially horses, as members of the healing team.

The architectural blueprint for The HAT Ranch will be based on a southwestern pueblo design which Dr. Bryan feels supports her vision for a place that offers a sense of tranquility, peace, and a safe opportunity for growth and change. Designed on a concept that is much like a wagon wheel, the hub of the RANCH will be the healing and teaching center: the DISCOVERY HEADQUARTERS. From this center of energy, the HUB, the spokes of change and healing, will radiate. The various activities, programs, and facilities - represented as spokes on a wagon wheel - will be integrated to provide the pathway to renewed mental health.

The HAT Ranch is a non profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible.


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